Tuesday, October 20, 2009

SQL Stripes 2010 CTP almost done

I'd like to open my 1st post here with some very exciting news -
Over the last year, there has been very intensive work on the next upcoming version of SQL Stripes.
This is going to be a MAJOR release, containing various new features.
I'd like to share some of them even before the version is out and our website is updated -

A very partial list:
  • New Stripe Design
  • Fresh UI
  • Database I/O Analysis
  • New real-time alerts
  • SQL 2008 Native-Client Support (while still being 100% backward-compatible)
  • Performance Boost
  • Improved multi-server search
The new beta is going to have an extended trial period, so new users can experience is for a longer period. Registered users will be able to enjoy it for free as part of the registration.

Further updates are coming...