Thursday, December 1, 2011

Enjoy a bundle of Smart SQL Solutions

I'm super excited to share our new product bundle, which is constantly growing.
SQL Stripes is now part of a bigger family --  The "Docco Labs" family!

The objective is always the same - to provide smart SQL solutions, making DBA's life easier and more productive.

Here's a quick recap for each product; (I will post more detailed looking into each and every one of them in the near future):

  • ClipTable
    • Make data import as easy as possible: Copy the desired data into your clipboard (yes, I mean Ctrl-C), and in a few seconds - have this data available in an SQL Table!
    • No more dealing with input drivers, delimiter settings, field size and type headaches.
  • Database File Explorer
    • Explore your Database files/filegroups size & table location in a very easy to understand UI
    • The hierarchy view will help you quickly understand what's stored where
  • Log Table Viewer
    • This is a complete SQL logging solutions - just use the server side procedure to write anything to the log, and then look at it with an amazing viewer, containing many kind of views, filters and more
  • SQL Stripes
    • Our 1st product, which is a complete monitor and control solutions for multiple server environment
The "Glue"
Although the 3 new products are seperate, there all use a "Shared Repository" (see screenshot), which means you only have to manage one server/group list, and quickly use any of the servers by any of the products

The new products are still in beta stage, this means they are free to use!
Give it a shot and tell us what you think -

Cheers :)