Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Table import - made even easier! Announcing Drag & Drop table importer.

So as you probably already know, ClipTable's main concept is to copy any tabular text, from anywhere, into the clipboard and immediately turn it into a SQL Table.

Besides Clipboard data, ClipTable also supports direct-file import, accessible through the Import extra options (see screenshot):

And today, we're announcing a 3rd option, which speeds up the process even more -
The new version allows an easy Drag&Drop of any data into ClipTable, turning it into a SQL Table in no-time!
Here's how:

Run ClipTable, and choose the "Import Data" tab.
Now, select any tabular data from any source and drag it into ClipTable.
Here's the data we've used for sample:

Drag & Drop

That's it! the table is ready to be created on any of your databases.

Enjoy the new feature and as always - send us feedbacks.

And always remember -
ClipTable simplifies the way you import data from *any* source into your SQL Database.