Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Doccolabs.com is up!

There are various great news coming in today!

First, We're happy to announce that www.doccolabs.com is up and running.
Second, We're launching two new products (currently @ beta stages)
These products are the kickoff launch of our new path of extending our offered solutions.

So, what are those new products, you ask?

ClipTable -- 
A brand new way to import any data into SQL tables.
If you find yourself dealing with various SSMS wizards, trying to import those tricky Excel/CSV and other input files - ClipTable may be the best solution for you!
Out smart parsing engine reads any data you copy into your clipboard, and creates a table out of it.
Give it a shot - the beta is totally free!

Database File Explorer --
Our production databases usually have many files and filegroups.
Analyzing the locations, space consumption, hard-disk usage and more is usually a difficult task.
Out of the box Management Studio (SSMS) view is just a simple, unsorted, list of all files and filegroups.
So we usually find ourselves building various sys.* queries, into Excel and analyzing from there.
Well, no more!
We've created the perfect tool for such scenario, that gives you an extremely easy interface which helps you quickly understands the drive-space-file map each database is using.

Again, the beta is totally free, you're invited to give it a shot.