Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Your new data Import-Export power tools

If you’re working with databases, you are obviously no stranger to the endless need for getting data in and out the database. And not only the traditional inserts and selects, but rather importing from/exporting to “foreign” sources.

Two of our tools are just around that area and can pretty much solve any scenario of import/export you may come across!


Well, the first tool, SqlTableZip can export a data from any query (table, stored procedure execution result, free t-sql) into a compressed file - Which includes the query text, headers, field types, and of course, the data - highly compressed!

This (.sqz) file, can be moved around and restored anywhere. Supporting multiple SQL Server versions, including Azure (so in fact, it is also a very easy way to get data in & out between Azure and local SQL Instances)
DBA’s sending production-data to developers (who don’t have access), Field engineers bringing offline data for analysis/support purposes, or even a simple table-level backup -- these are all valid scenarios that SqlTableZip can take care of; easily, quickly and with zero-hassle.
There are no size limits. You can backup huge amount of data and everything runs super-fast.

So, getting data in & out of SQL Server is covered, but what about data some comes from foreign sources?

If your source is a table coming from anything like html formatted tables, xml, excel, pdf, word and pretty much any other tabular format that needs to be turned into a relational-database table: ClipTable is here to help!
Instead of supporting each of the formats above (and many more) - we took a different approach by building a smart algorithm that can analyze the content you copy into your clipboard.

So the process becomes very simple - you select the desired content, paste it into ClipTable and get a new table ready to be created.
ClipTable will determine the correct format, the best field data types, column names and the correct row/col delimiters. All of these are automatically done and all that is left for you, the user, is to decide where you would like the new table to be created.

As a bonus - ClipTable supports most of the popular relational databases out there today - so you can create your new table/s in SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Firebird.

So, to summarize: if data import/export is part of your routine, this is definitely worth trying.
To learn more and of course get the software, visit our website @ www.doccolabs.com

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

ClipTable to support Firebird Database

Calling out all Firebird Database users!

ClipTable, our revolutionary *anything* to SQL Table importer, is now offering Firebird support!

What does this mean?

If you are new to ClipTable, this is a robust application which lets you copy any tabular data to your clipboard (yes, Ctrl-C) and paste it into ClipTable, which analyzes the input and creates an optimal SQL Table with all the data.
This replaces the need to manually modify the data in order to insert it into a table.
ClipTable engine can detect the most suitable data-types, sizes, headers, delimiters and everything else involved in the table creation.
Firebird support now joins the existing SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL which are currently supported.

What's required?

In order to work with Firebird, you'll need to install Firebird's ODBC drivers from this link: http://www.firebirdsql.org/en/odbc-driver/
Also - ClipTable runs on Windows and required .Net framework 4.5 (included in Windows Update, but just in case - http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=30653)

Known Issues

There are currently not known issues reported. If you encounter one, please contact us at support@doccolabs.com

Get the latest version here - http://doccolabs.com/products/cliptable