Monday, June 22, 2015

New version for SQL Table Zip

There's a new version for SQL Table Zip!

SqlTableZip is a SQL Data Export/Import tool, which allows you to backup any query result (so - from a single table to a complex query) into a proprietary compressed file (.SQZ)

The app fills the gap between existing solutions:
- SQL Server backup: is for database-level only
- File Import/Export: usually comes in an uncompressed flavor, and requires various steps both in the export and the import processes (such as defining delimiters, data types, column headers and more)

Instead, SqlTableZip lets you send any data to a compressed file in a single click, and retrieve it quickly and transparently later.

Here are some of the changes for the current version:

- SQL Server 2016 support
- Improved table picker (more info, improved sorting, requires less permissions)
- Changed help HTML renderer, fixed display
- Core library updated
- Help redesigned (also - switched back to default renderer)

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