Thursday, June 27, 2013

New Releases - and a personal note

Hi There,

Today, new versions of ClipTable, dbFileExplorer & LogTableViewer were released to the public (that's you)

Changes include:
ClipTable -
- Fixed support for identity column on PostgreSQL (SERIAL)
- Repository enhancements

dbFileExplorer -
- Added Extended Database Properties
- Some minor bugs were fixed

Log Table Viewer - 
- Engine updated

Shared Repository (applies to all of the above)
- Added multiple selection support (wide)
- Fixed double-click on non-server

You can get them all from our website! all free, no exceptions.

Now, on to the personal note.
First, I would like to thank everyone for the continuous feedback. It helps me making the products better and makes you enjoy the results :)
Please continue sharing your thoughts about each one of our products. I personally read each and every one of your feedback.

Second, In the very near future, I will be moving to Seattle WA (which is a very long journey for me).
During this period, I might not be as reachable as always, but I promise this is only for a temporary period - so if you send feedback and get no response for a while, wait a bit longer :)

All The Best,