Wednesday, January 28, 2015

More Security "stuff"

If you're using newer versions of Windows, you may have seen the following message when trying to install our (and many others') products:

It shows up on Windows 8 when using Internet Explorer, and on Windows 10 with any browser.
This is a part of Microsoft tightening security in fighting malware (which is a good thing!) but it does mean that many innocent executables will be blocked as well.

Long story short - if you get this message while installing our products, you many need to temporarily disable SmartScreen, or (a temporary workaround found to be working for now) running the setup from a network location (even the same machine, something like \\\c$\temp).

Needless to say, our apps are completely safe, clean and do nothing more than enhancing your SQL Server experience.

Keep it safe! :)

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Trial versions

We've had some reports of users getting a 'Trial Expired' message right after installing.
This is happening due to insufficient permissions to create local files in the same folders

We have recently released a new versions that should address this issue. However, if you're still experiencing this problem, simply "Run As Administrator" for that first time.

Regardless to that, if you need more time evaluating one or more of our products, feel free to ask us for extended trial requests.