Monday, January 4, 2010

SQL Stripes 2010 CTP2 is out!

Excited to announce that we got CTP2 fresh out of the oven!
We're getting very close to the final non-beta release. Although, as always, the development never stops (what I'm actually saying is that a new version means start working on the next one ;-)).

Here's some of the new highlights on the new version (differs from ctp1):

  • Multiple SMTP enhancements
  • Major Stripe/UI Design Enhancements
  • New email alert method: Email-Per-Alert (which means the alert description is sent on the subject rather than the message body)
  • CPU alert is now configurable
  • multiple bug-fix

So, grab your copy today! and as usual, send your feedback - we're always happy to hear and response


Grab CTP2 Here