Sunday, February 19, 2012

ClipTable now supports MySQL & PostgreSQL

This is a follow-up to our previous post was - Get to know ClipTable.
We've got a lot of feedback from SQL Server users who started using ClipTable on a daily basis.
In addition, the word has spread beyond the SQL Server community and we actually got some requests to have ClipTable support other database engines.

And even created a new/modified logo, here goes:

As from the latest version, ClipTable also supports MySQL and PostgreSQL!

Few things to keep in mind though,

  • This is only the first beta to support these engines, which means errors may occur. Be nice and report to us any misbehavior you find.
  • ClipTable is a Windows app, so apologies to all mysql/postgres who resent windows :)
  • Special connectors & drivers for each engine are not included within the setup. When loading the app you'll get links for each driver (if you already have them installed, nothing special to do)

Again, since this is quite preliminary, please let us know how your experience was like.