Monday, July 2, 2012

SQL Stripes 2012 has been released

We have an exciting announcement -
SQL Stripes 2012 has been officially released!

Just to make sure we're on the same page - SQL Stripes is our enterprise solution for SQL Server monitoring. It's easy to use, yet quite powerful & featured solution.

So, it did take a while, but it's finally here.
Some of the changes include:
  •           Full compatibility/native mode with SQL Server 2012
  •           UI enhancements
  •           Main core engine updated
  •           Multiple cross-server compatibility fixes
  •           SQL Process (CPU) window fix
  •           Fixed various installation issues
  •           Single-click permission fix for hard disk monitoring
  •           Help access fixed
  •           And more…

* SQL Stripes 2012 beta users - it is recommended to uninstall the beta version before installing the new one

Join many SQL Server DBA's around the world and get the new version today -

SQL Stripes 2012