Monday, September 24, 2012

Calling all SQL Azure users!

Today, we've released two new versions for both ClipTable & Log Table Viewer which, for the first time, enable full support for Windows Azure environment, SQL Azure in specific.

What this means is -
In Log Table Viewer - you can now apply the logger solution directly into your SQL Azure database, and use the client directly with the database to explore your log messages

In ClipTable - every table you create on-the-fly using ClipTable's superb import engine, can be created directly on your SQL Azure

Both new versions are available here:

Here's the full changelog for both versions:

Log Table Viewer:
- SQL Azure support. Full compatibility with Azure enables you to apply the logger solution on your Azure servers/databases
- Fixed GMT+0 reporting
v2.0.1.5 Released

- Added an option to generate an INSERT statement (content button next to "Execute")
- Boolean (BIT) datatype support/detection
- Tighter SQL Azure support, including:
  - Automatic recognition
  - Automatic Primary key check when Azure is detected
- Fixed BOOLEAN type on PostgreSQL
v1.0.3.0 Released