Thursday, May 19, 2016

SQL Stripes is now FREE (Going EOL)

It feels a bit awkward to say it, but SQL Stripes - the first product that ever came out of DoccoLabs, is reaching its End-Of-Life.

As SQL Stripes is getting old, and after a lot of considerations I've decided to not write a new "similar" product mostly due to the ROI given a growing number of other monitoring tools out there.

SQL Stripes, like all of the other products was written with love and passion to making the SQL Server users' life easier.
It was written out of need, and served many customers. (And still does to this day)

For existing users who get what they need from the product - feel free to working with this but keep in mind that there will be no more future releases, fixes or any sort of support around it.

In addition, We're making SQL Stripes free! If you would like to keep working with it after the trial is over (or even before it expires), send me an email and I'll send you an activation key.

SQL Stripes Screenshot

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