Monday, May 14, 2012

ClipTable v1.0.1.8 released

I'm happy to announce a new release of ClipTable (v1.0.1.8)

This release has some new exciting features, including:

- Direct file import: while we focus on using the clipboard to turn any data into a table, we've added an option to use the same smart engine to import a file (as long as it's a readable text file) into a table. In order to use this, simply click the "more options" icon next to the import button (see image)

- Server info: when using the shared-repository, you can now get a quick essential information on each server by right-click and choosing the "Server Info" option (again, image...)

Here's the entire change-log for the v1.0.1.8:

- Added an option to import directly from a file (as long as it's a csv/text readable)
- New toggle option - treat empty strings as NULL or leave them as-is (in the database)
- New toggle option - remove invalid chars from column headers
- Repository instant groups works about x10 faster
- Repository version has been updated
- Fixed a bug in repository where not all instant groups were displayed in some cases
- Quick server info added to repository
- SQL Engine updated (faster async processing)
- Some UI changes

Go grab it now!