Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New versions + updated shared repository

Hey there,
There are new versions available for both ClipTable and Log Table Viewer

One of the many changes (for both) is a new version of our Shared Repository, which now introduces an 'instant grouping'.
What is it, you ask?
Well, it's a quick option to group your server list by either online status and SQL version

"No no... I mean, what's this shared repository??"

Oh, in that case - Shared repository is a component shared by all of our applications, which allows you to manage one central list for all of your (SQL) servers in your network.
The shared repository can be accessed from everywhere. So, if you install our products on various machines, you can still manage that one single list.

Here's a recent screenshot of the shared repository taken from the latest version (with the instant grouping)