Thursday, August 2, 2012

New versions for ClipTable & DbFileExplorer

We've released new versions for both ClipTable & Database File Explorer this week, here's some of the change logs -


- Applying limit buffer when importing directly from text files
- Fixed Oracle offline error message
- Added the following fields to summary: Database name & Estimated table size
- Added Cancel option for both Clipboard Import & Table Export
- Updated SQL Engine
- v1.0.2.6 Released

Database File Explorer:
- Added Table Properties (new window with extended table details, check it out by right-clicking any table)
- Better exception handling/reporting (during connection, data fill etc...)
- Minor UI fixes
- Few compatibility issues with SQL Server 2005 were addressed. However, it's time to upgrade people!
v1.0.2.0 released

Download or upgrade today, it's totally free!

As always, keep on sharing your experience with us; we always love to hear and respond.

Have a great week/weekend :)