Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Recent ClipTable usage - exciting

I usually don't share statistics, but this is just amazing:

With no budget, a bit of "Guerrilla marketing", ClipTable alone, has reached over 1,000 unique users from around the world in a bit over two months!

I am very excited to see this, and know this is only the beginning!

Let's continue spreading the word (I said Guerrilla, right?)
My objective is that every DBA (SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL) who deals with importing data into their databases (and that means - 99% of them) - Will work with ClipTable!

The other products also have amazing stats, which I'll share in the future. But today the honor goes to ClipTable.

If you're new here - get more information (& download) here: http://www.doccolabs.com/products_cliptable.html

Here's a static map from the past two months: (one marker per country, state/region-level not shown)

ClipTable usage over the globe